How to Safely Pack Your Sword ( or other items) for shipment:
    (A) A suitable container; i.e.: appropriate size and durability (we do have containers available, please call for assistance).

    (B) You must provide adequate insulation to cushion the item and protect it from handling by postal and UPS employees while in transit. Newspaper is usually the most convenient packing material available. Wrap your item heavily in the newspaper and then crumple and place paper on all six sides (top, bottom and sides). The object being to insulate it from the exterior walls of the container.
Services available for shipping:

May we suggest *UPS Blue Label Service (a two day delivery). The also have overnight service (Red Label), but this can be expensive. Both services are computer tracked (allowing the package to be located at any time during the journey). Which ever method you choose be certain not to use the word ANTIQUE, or sentimental value, as this will result in their refusal to insure the item. Simply state what the item is, i.e.: sword, art etc. Also, it is important that you ask for a Delivery Confirmation Request card (this is an acknowledgment of delivery). This means that we must sign for your package. The Delivery Confirmation Request card will be returned to you by UPS with our signature and date of receipt. This is your proof that we have your item.

Should you choose the US Postal Service, I would recommend Registered Air Mail and that you request a return receipt (this will accomplish the same as the UPS Delivery Confirmation Request card). Under no circumstances do I recommend using parcel post or priority mail. Postal regulations require registered packages to be wrapped in brown paper and taped with brown paper tape. Again do not mention the word ANTIQUE. Contact your local Postal Office for detailed instructions.

How to Insure Your Sword (or item). Please do not ship anything that is not adequately insured!!!!!!!!!! UPS will provide you with the first one-hundred dollars of insurance free. Every hundred dollars of insurance over that is thirty cents per one-hundred. The US Postal Service charges for insurance vary from place to place depending upon the distance and weight.

If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number (1-800-435-5119) for assistance.

Ask for our physical address.


    1. We will accept these items provided they are packaged according to UPS standards.
    2. If a value greater than $100. Is declared, we should point out to the shipper that the following information will be required in the event of loss or damage:
    a. A copy of a recent (within in one year) bill of sale or invoice establishing the value of the painting if it has been sold or;
    b. A statement of value, within one year, from a certified appraiser.
    * I will furnish this to shipper * It does not state BEFORE the package is accepted.

The above is copied directly from page C-9 of the united Parcel Service Manuel. In accordance with the regulations set forth on page C-9 (see above) of the UPS Customer Service Information Guide, refusal to accept a package containing art or antiques should not occur (providing it is properly packaged).

The agent should, however, inform the shipper that "in the event of a loss or damage," they will be required to present a receipt or an appraisal (no more than one year old) to substantiate the value of the item.

A receipt or appraisal is not required prior to accepting the package. In the event that any UPS employee wishes to contest the regulations set forth in the Manuel, they should contact Mr. Chris Donnan, CSTC, at 1-217-975-6284; for clarification of the regulations.