A 72 cm ~ 28" Mino school KATANA

Mu-mei (unsigned) - Late Muromachi period, 16th century

Swordsmith: mu-mei (unsigned), attribution to Mino school.

Era: Late Muromachi period, 16th century             

Approx measurements: Nagasa (cutting edge length): 72.1 cm ~ 28.4"   Sori (curvature): 1.65 cm   Motohaba (width): 2.88 cm   

Hada: itame                     

Hamon: gunome-midare, nie-deki, togari, mixed with sunagashi       

Boshi: midare-komi             

Horimono: bohi

Nakago: ubu with one mekugiana

Habaki: new upgrade to Solid silver habaki included or Original habaki for lesser price.

Signature: mu-mei (unsigned), attribution to Mino school.

Koshirae: mounted on tsunagi (wooden blade) with nice tsuba, fuchi-kashira: done with nanako and gold accent lines, Ishimeji style kawarinuri lacquered saya, menuki with dragons and gold accent.

Included: koshirae, shirasaya, carry bags.





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