Daimyo - Ebony Sword maintenance kit

w/ Ategi-Zuchi kit (disassembly tools)

all pictured items - included!



Ategi-Zuchi kit (disassembly tools)



This fine ebony kit comes with the following items:

Ategi-Zuchi kit* (disassembly tools)

Katana Makura (Pillow)


Large Bottle of choji oil - 100cc

Mekugi-nuki, Gilt - Brass hammer

Fukusa - purple handling cloth

Nugui - Cleaning cloth

Small tape measurer with centimeter & inches

*Ategi-Zuchi kit  (disassembly tools): Handmade wooden hammer and block for removing the handles of Japanese swords. The hammer has a Cherry wood handle and will come with a Bocote (darker) or Bubunga hardwood of which the head is pinned and glued. The handle is twisted for optimum grip and perfect alignment. The block is made from Bubinga. Custom made by Matt Pepin.

Priced at $662.00*

*The powder contained within is from Uchigumori stones produced during the polishing process, we do not recommend its use on blades in good to excellent polish!!!

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